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The Future As Seen By Me In 2010

Well looky here, things one has scanned in eh. (ignore the photo, that's some guy that made some accounting software, not sure what became of him ;) MIKE RIVERSDALE is fuming. The expensive headphones he bought in Sydney three weeks ago have just died. His first reaction is not to randomly spill expletives into his coffee, but to use his iPhone to vent his frustration to his Twitter con- tacts, under the moniker Miramar Mike. "I will also put, 'What should I do?' It's a conversation. I'm reaching out to the people following me." The council predicts hand-held digital devices such as smartphones will rule the world in 2040. They already rule the life of Mr Riversdale, whose company WaveAdept helps businesses adapt - their computing sys- tems to allow staff to work from anywhere - and with anyone. In order of fre- equency, he uses his iPhone to tweet (1136 followers; 8363 tweets since joining), e-mail, make phone calls and use online services, such as checki

Foo Camp is merely 3 days away

[Updated] FooCamp (also known as 'Kiwi Foo' and 'Baaa Camp') is hosting Kim Hill's Saturday morning National Radio show - so listen in and you'll definitely hear the "organised chaos" but maybe me. Listen live: AM/FM or via the Internet Kim Hill's Saturday Morning page Starting to get the camping equipment ready for my first Foo Camp (Kiwi Foo/Baa camp) being held oop north on Friday/Saturday. Also getting my head around what I'd like to present/generate conversation around, namely: NZ Web Community - just how much of a closed shop/small world is it? Barcamps - stories from the trenches and what people think the direction could be I'm also keen as mustard to be involved in any talk about TheFreeNet Aotearoa and how Miramar and Wellington could move towards being an exemplar "online community" - exciting times ahead ... AAAAANND, really looking forward to meeting old friends and colleagues, making new acquaintances and hav

Man keeps in contact with friends without using Social Networking site

Wow, I mean it's novel but would that actually still work in this on-line connected world ;-) News Biscuit: Man keeps in contact with friends without using Social Networking site A Leicestershire man revealed today that he has been keeping touch with his friends without using Myspace, Friends Reunited and Bebo. Speaking from his home, Ben Stevens, an account manager from Wigston, insisted it was to communicate with people without a computer. ‘I just carried on contacting people in the same way I have for years. More often than not, I pick up the phone or visit someone, have a cup of tea and a chat or whatever. We might even play Scrabble while we were in the same room. Occasionally I even put pen to paper and write a letter.’ Read (and laugh with) the rest of the article >> (of course it's humour and not to be taken serious, *phew* )

Webstock (11th-15th Feb) news

Seems Webstock is cracking along at a fair old pace with blog posts about stuff to win and now a Twitter bot to keep a track of it all. This from Mike weekly Webstock email: In social networking news, we mentioned last week the Webstock twitter account < >. Thanks to Brenda Wallace < > we now have our own WebstockBot < >. Sign up as a follower to catch all the Webstock twitter action. How it works? If you're a follower, any twitter post you make that starts "ws" or "ws:" will be picked up by the bot and posted back. Cool huh! And yeah, Facebook may be a CIA-backed, neo-conservative experiment < /technology/2008/jan/14 /facebook >, but there is a Webstock Facebook group < .php?gid=5280963588 > if you're among those who've succumbed to the lure. .... ================================= We

Helms Deep - so who are the Orcs and who Humans?

Microsoft guns for enterprise intranet search lead to a wee humorous discussion about how Microsoft seems to be shoring up the battlements around the enterprise to keep out the hordes a la The Battle Of Helms Deep (Lord of the Rings). I s'pose that makes Microsoft the defenders and Google those trying to break in. And much like the bomb that blows it all open I can quite happily see Google's Enterprise Search havinga similar affect on Fortress Microsoft in your Office. Once Google is in the Office/Sharepoint walls come a-tumbling down as Google Apps is spread. Who do you think will win this battle?

3 reasons to read this blog

Huh? Maybe you were looking for - About Mike Riversdale With a new blog there is always the tendency to plough on in and just start posting up thoughts, links and the odd video without letting the readers know why, what the relevancy it all has to them and the underlying reasons for subscribing to this blog. Subscribe to this blog 1: Full coverage I find that many ICT blogs tend to stick with one niche area such as a particular vendor product or a type of programming language/methodology but the blogs that float to the top of the pile give you the whole picture. Within a sphere of making information available, findable and usable within organisations using the bigger picture elements of Web 2.0* this blog will cover the following 3 key areas: Fundamentals - the "why" Before you install a Wiki, before you tell the CEO he should be blogging and definitely before you ask your boss for money to get an Enterprise 2.0 consultant in you really should know why. Postings under the

About Mike Riversdale

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Prediction of the year has already come true ... back in the 1950's

I made the following prediction over at ReadWriteWeb : 3. The USA Election will change the way politics in that country is fought with the Internet (Web) becoming the primary battle ground. The fall out from this will be substantial and I suspect YouTube/Google will do very well out of it. And through my eclectic list of feeds I scan each day this popped through from Modern Mechanix, TELEVISION AND THE ELECTION (May, 1953) : TELEVISION AND THE ELECTION The new medium played an important part in the recent presidential campaign. How did it compare with radio, newspapers and magazines as a source of information? by Angus Campbell, Gerald Gurin and Warren E. Miller THE PRESIDENTIAL campaign of 1952 was the first in which television played a major part. How much did this new medium influence the election? No one really knows, because no specific studies were made to measure the impact of TV on the thinking of the electorate. But we do know something about how television compared with the o

Spokeo - how to find out too much information about your network

A while ago I posted (on my personal blog) about FriendFeed and how it is an excellent service for those wanting to supply one feed that incorporates all their online identities, i.e., one feed that tells people when you've uploaded a Flickr photo AND you've shared a Google Reader item AND posted a blog entry (for instance - mine is here ). This posting let to an email from Harrison Tang over at Spokeo ( ) who asked if I'd like to take a look at their latest project ... and so I did. To quote Harrison: Spokeo is not about aggregating identities; rather, it's a reader for all your friends' publicly shared activities online. Our system literally goes across the Web to find and track your friends' content across 30+ websites out there. I signed up (please, please can online services support OpenID!), imported my GMail accounts* and let the system do it's thing. And boy did it do it's thing ... apart from the obvious online info it fo

50 reasons not to change

Change should always be from one way to a better way. If it's change because it's newer, trendier, keeping up with the Jones' or because the IT Department want to play with new toys then I say, don't both changing. However all change ("good" or "bad") is scary and involves fear and apprehension on those going through it - that includes those instigating the change and those having the change "applied" to them. Sometime the fear is too much and the response to a proposed change is one of the below (click for bigness): Thanks to the Biocultural Science & Management blog for this article

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English from those fine Common Craft folks

I am sure you already know about the awesome videos from Common Craft explaining some of the basics of "Web 2.0" and the services out there. Past '... in Plain English' videos include: Social networking Blogging RSS Wikis Social bookmarking To add to that list they have now released Online Photo Sharing in Plain English - don't let me try and explain, just play the video!

Webstock 8x5 - come along and hear my 5 minutes of February fame

As you know I have a humane mission to assist IT Departments in New Zealand get up to speed with Enterprise 2.0 whilst getting them out of the way of the work that actual business people want to perform. Not all IT Departments are "in the way", but a lot are. Mike and his team at Webstock have kindly given me one of the 8x5 slots (8 people, 5 minutes) at this years event ( Feb 11th-15th , conference proper is Thu 14th/Fri 15th at the Wellington Town Hall) in order to give you all pointers so that you may decide which IT Department type you have. I'll be speaking Friday in the 2:20-3:10pm '8x5' session. Here's what they say about me: Mike Riversdale — Enterprise 2.0 - why it's scaring the pants off IT Departments With the slow and seemingly unstoppable incursion of "Web 2.0" into organisations, from the one-man band up to the most staid and dusty Governmental Ministry's, there is one 'cult' of workers that are acting akin to the pop

Storing your information in the cloud - it´s coming

There are quite a few of my family, friends and colleagues that think I am mad as a hatter to store all my information (all that becomes electronic at least) in the cloud (i.e., on the Internet). For instance I am currently uploading to Flickr all of the Yuletide photos and, as they are successfully stored online, I delete the surplus copy stored on my PC. That means there is only one copy of the photo in existence, the one on Flickr. Scary stuff? Nope. Yes, it does seem madness to those that aren´t used to living online. However, this is a brave new world and others don´t have the time and energy to explore it like I have. I still love radio and find the world of iPods a mystery, each to their own. However, the world is going to be forcefully changed for millions when Microsoft start to incorporate storage into the cloud. Don´t believe me, this from Bill Gates (via Rafe Needleman ) at the opening of the CES yesterday: "Masters" of your media files will be stored in the cl

Enterprise 2.0 - is this blog just another part of the bubble?


6 fears of a wiki coming into your organisation

At the end of last year I was part of a "Wiki panel" run by the New Zealand Government´s State Service Commission (SSC) Online Collaboration team. Together with Hadyn I was there to espouse my views on wikis within organisations, especially governmental agencies, and to encourage more participation in the SSC Community Wiki . For my 15 minutes I thought it would be neat to list the most common fears that people introducing wikis have to content with - here they are for you delectation with some of my ways of assuaging the fears. 1: "They´ll make it wrong" They being everyone else of course. And yes, they might make it "wrong" My most common response to this is that the wiki won´t generate "wrong ideas" by itself, the people are already holding this "wrong" information inside their heads and acting upon it, passing it on and generally cultivating it. The wiki brings out the "wrong"-ness and makes it a little more public whi


A pleasure to have you along. Whilst this is a new blog I have been working in and blogging about Enterprise 2.0 for quite some time and the majority of the posts have recently come across from my personal blog, MiramarMike . This is, however, where you should come to read my views, ¨how to¨ and survival tips for those working in or embarking on an Enterprise 2.0 way of life here in New Zealand/Aotearoa. To keep up with the latest subscribe to this blog´s feeds: OR your email address: Looking for a starter on Enterprise 2.0 may I suggest my Enterprise 2.0 starter pack Want to know more about me, read my online life at the MiramarMike blog Want to get in touch , choose your method