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Twitter, A Look Back In Awe

Finally got Twitter archive to download ( here's how ) and have unzipped, popped it into Google Drive so I can run it through any browser ( here's how AND how to keep your archive up to date ). Fascinating stuff, in a narcissistic way. Twitter, born July 2006. I appeared on March 15th, 2007 with, wait for it, ... "Um ... now what?". Well at least it wasn't hello but it was damned close. I recall it had been talked about on the Wellingtonista (or maybe on the internal email list that used to constantly fly around for those of us that were regular posters at the time) and thinking, "I MUST be on that". As is regulation I signed up and then had no idea what to do next. It seemed empty, quiet, pointless. I came back in November 2007 with, "Trying to get twitter and Facebook to work ... failing", ah such naive and silly days. Have no fear, I am not going to go through ever damned tweet - a few highlights First tweet reply was to