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Google And Salesforce, Please Get In A Room And Talk To Each Other

Salesforce has long been the poster child for "business use of SaaS" or, as we now call it, "business use of the cloud". Google is known for being "born on the web" which they have, through their massive consumer presence, introduced into businesses using Google Apps for Business . And in the past Google and Salesforce have been, at a company level, very happy partners ... [image source:  Techcrunch ] Which fits with my experience that all organisations of size (more than 50) that are moving to the cloud will have one, or more likely, both companies products being used - Salesforce is almost the de facto cloud CRM and Gmail is very quickly becoming the business choice for email. The number 1 talking point for those that already have Salesforce and look to move to the Gmail is the interface between the both. These people almost exclusively are looking to move away from Microsoft Outlook, in fact I have yet to meet anyone using any other email cl