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Everything You Wanted To Know About Google -- But Were Afraid To Search For!

(cross post from WaveAdept ) [disclosure: I am part of the volunteers helping to create this event] From Android to Wave, Google Apps for your company to SEO for your website AND  everything in between ... Thursday 25th March, 2010: 8:30am-4pm Bar Bodega, 101 Ghuznee Street, Wellington [ map ] Ticket price: $0 The world's first free and independent Google-centric barcamp* is being held in Wellington on Thursday 25th March (8:30am-4pm) and we at WaveAdept are chuffed to be amongst the plethora of local, national and international sponsors of this community run event. Of course a Google-centric conference could probably run for a week trying to cover all aspects of the Google services so we'll be concentrating WaveAdept's efforts on how Google Enterprise services save costs and provide value to Kiwi companies. We won't, however, be using the event to push our services or Google products (that's for the more traditional events) but trying to get i