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Tech, People, Suicide, Support, Self-care and More

With Julian Carver's suicide after years of battling depression and alcoholism there has been much talk amongst many of us that suffer from "lack dog" about what can be done. In many circumstances, nothing could be done at that moment and the stark truth is the person intent upon killing themself is likely to do just that no matter what support or love is surrounding them - I have seen it too often, especially here in New Zealand. As Ben Kepes says in his article, Some open question about support within the technology industry…. , written after Juian's death: There have been, of course, social media outpourings of grief about his passing and assertions that we will all, collectively and individually, do better to support each other. While these are laudable statements, the reality is that outside of a few notable exceptions, our industry (and I write here about the tech industry in New Zealand specifically. But more generally it applies to the tech industry glob