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RELEASED: New Zealand Cloud Computing Code of Practice

It's been released today at the Cloud Summit conference in Auckland. Who's it aimed at - " ... businesses who offer remotely hosted IT services of any type, either to New Zealand or within New Zealand. ". A perfect example would be Xero. If this is you OR you are a customer of such a New Zealand service then check out v1.0 of the code: (BTW: isn't embedding the PDF into this page nice - that's the original as embedded using the Google Docs Viewer )

The Cloud Gives Back That I.T. Buzz

It's not easy being that guy (and it still is likely to be a guy ) that has worked in IT for the past 20 years, transitioned the organisation into the PC world, built up a complex infrastructure and finally had people accept that you were right about these "PC things" (around the time  Windows XP  entered our lives). It's not easy for so many different reasons including, "Now it all hangs together no-one bothers saying thanks any more", to, "You want to plug what into my network?" It can all be quite wearing and to top it off you now hear that your organisation wants to dump it all and give it to Google! "So, now what do I do?" At this point you have 3 options: Move on to pastures new Fight them every step of the way Remember why you got into the job in the first place Maybe it is time to take your extensive business experience and apply it outside of the pure IT world view - how about business strategy, change management, or any