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Prediction of the year has already come true ... back in the 1950's

I made the following prediction over at ReadWriteWeb:
3. The USA Election will change the way politics in that country is fought with the Internet (Web) becoming the primary battle ground. The fall out from this will be substantial and I suspect YouTube/Google will do very well out of it.

And through my eclectic list of feeds I scan each day this popped through from Modern Mechanix, TELEVISION AND THE ELECTION (May, 1953):

The new medium played an important part in the recent presidential campaign. How did it compare with radio, newspapers and magazines as a source of information?

by Angus Campbell, Gerald Gurin and Warren E. Miller

THE PRESIDENTIAL campaign of 1952 was the first in which television played a major part. How much did this new medium influence the election? No one really knows, because no specific studies were made to measure the impact of TV on the thinking of the electorate. But we do know something about how television compared with the other media of information in bringing the campaign to the public, and what groups in the population were most exposed to, or affected by, the television campaign.

And so, this "new way of doing things" isn't new at all but merely a re-hash of previous "new things".