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Accelerators In Government, What Do I Think Of Them?

I have been involved, in one way or another, with a number of "accelerators" both inside and outside of government. Most notably I was part of the inaugural contingent to the R9 Accelerator programme back in 2015 . The Result 9 ("R9") Accelerator is (ready for this?) ... it is: a project of the current government's "Better Public Services" programme of work within, the "Improving interaction with government" section, specifically, 'result area' number 9 (out of 10 in total ) titled, " Better For Business - Delivering Better Public Services To Business Customers " which is led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment , and delivered in partnership with ACC, Callaghan Innovation, Inland Revenue, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand Customs Service, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, New Zealand Transport Agency, Statistics New Zealand and WorkSafe.   So now you know! The project is del

TechWeek 2017 - Two Initial Thoughts

I was asked two questions about the Access Granted road-trip we did for TechWeek 2017 - here's my responses (let me know if you spot them in the wild as well :) 1) What was one of the highlights of your road trip, in terms of the tech communities you met? All of the tech communities had their differences, their quirks and they all were passionate about the city or area they were based within. BUT, there was no community more passionate about learning about the coming age of tech and it's benefits to their community than that we met at the Silicon Mahia event (convened by the Poutama Trust). They brought together attributes of all of the places we visited - local people along to learn, involved kids, how they are solving the here and now using tech, national institutions looking to collaborate with start-ups, success stories, presentations that challenged the status quo AND each and everyone had their brains stretched with the what's rapidly approaching - it was