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Why Is Hack Miramar Doing The R9/CreativeHQ Kick Off Event?

Hack Miramar continues to disrupt and is out on the skiny branches as it endeavours to improve the lot of people in teams of the Accelerator programme run by MBIE/R9. To that end we are running a 'hackathon' aimed at giving people a "try before you buy' opportunity on Jan 29th/30th/31st. Our goal is for teams to get to know each other before deciding on going forward to the full Accelerator - it's a small but important part that we can play. I ask that people register and/or pass on the link to 5 others they believe should know about the event/programme. As many of you know I went through the initial accelerator and, after coming out bruised and battered, this is my small attempt to take that experience and make it 'better' for future participants.