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Team PUP: Week 1 Update

"Team PUP", what the hell are you talking about Mike? Team PUP is the name we have for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) "Procurement project" being run through a CreativeHQ "accelerator programme" that in itself is named after the Government's Result 9 focus , hence  R9 Accelerator . Wow, that's a mouthful eh ... and we're all sitting pretty at BizDojo ( 115 Tory St ), come visit. There are 5 other 'projects' trying to deliver an MVP in 12 weeks that will then go forward for "investment" (whatever that turns out to be) but this is not about them, what is "Team PUP" and here is our official line: Better procurement   Problem: B​usinesses report that current government procurement processes are overly prescriptive, are not outcomes based, do not support innovation and favour larger suppliers. Opportunities exist to source innovative solutions to enable meeting of outcome requ