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NetHui 2013 - My Plan Of Attack

I'm going to this year's NetHui ( tickets are available and, for $40, it is a absolute bargain) The programme is chock full of awesomeness and I love how some of the session facilitators have been, through proper and right channels, promoting their particular sessions. Right, my plan of attack will be: Monday ( G+ event ) Be Registered and Welcomed Be very active in the Wellington Workshop – Making Digital Visible Eat lunch Hmmm, not sure what to do here as I will be joining halfway in to other workshops - might pop back to the Pikselin office for a bit Sip afternoon tea Listen to Russell Pop briefly to the Digital Inclusion meetup Tuesday ( G+ event ) Listen to Jordan and Amy Quaff morning tea Listen to Quinn Learn at  Issues, Issues, Issues Enjoy lunch Be active in  NZ Inc and the Internet Delight in afternoon tea Listen to the "Faster Broadband" panel Be wrapped-up Meet up at the Creative Commons do Solve X with Google X Wednesd