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Having A Choice Is Better Than Boxing Yourself In

For many a generation or two the office workers have been told to come together into one physical building to do their jobs. I/you/we/them are called "office workers" for a reason, they work in an office. Being in one physical place was both a necessity (that's where the office machines were, the information was stored, and the other people needed went), and a social dictate (bosses could see workers working, we are social beings and almost always work in teams, separating our work persona and home persona was deemed efficient). Over the years many have tinkered with the "travel to work" model with open offices, hot desking, co-working spaces, integrated playgrounds, and a multitude of other ways of chopping up the same physical office experience. Who gets to choose which type you work within, likely someone else, "I'm the boss and love open collaboration and so let's get rid of all the walls" ... sure, why not, works for me but others HATE IT