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What Is A "Hackathon"?

It's a great question, especially when the word itself starts off with those first 4 letters, "hack" - ALERT ALERT! I have privileged to host a large number of hackathons in my time, with many more to come, and whilst they have been varied, diverse, and unique in many of their facets they do have a few things in common. In a nutshell a hackathon is an event bringing people together that self-form into teams, work on a challenge, and present their workings in order to connect, learn, and share their skills and knowledge. Some hackathons are free to attend - in fact the majority of hackathons in New Zealand are free to participants. They are supported by generous partners and sponsors that ensure there is an appropriate venue, the participants and volunteers are fed and watered throughout and all the "playdo" for the teams to weave their magic upon is made available. Hackathons in New Zealand have tended to be over a weekend, with participants leaving o