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User Stories vs Tasks

Let's dive in and say it out loud, a backlog is merely a list of user stories BUT it is not a list of tasks . It's items within items within items. On a typical backlog you will have, Initiatives with Epics holding User Stories containing Tasks and even Sub-tasks. Initiatives and Epics we all mostly get correct, they are the big items spanning big(ish) timescales, say no less than 3 months. Tasks and sub-tasks, we get those as well. We're all used to writing lists of things to do, "Get the bins in", "Get a haircut", "Write the weekly report". Things we need TO DO. And there's User Stories, a weird in between thing that's not massive but, so you're telling me Mike, not a task. Why can't my Backlog be full of things to do, that's what lists are for, no? Taking this straight from, User Stories - the best we can create , a doc of hints and tips from me at ... well, somewhere ;) What is a User Story? Summary: A user story is an

Agile Product Owners Course In 15 Minutes [video]

Of course there are a LOT of nuances that this video hints at but doesn't go into ... and to be fair no 3-day course can prepare you for those either, it comes with experience. As an ex-colleague of mine once said, "[this is] The Best Video on YouTube. Ever.*", and he's not wrong. * about Agile