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Why Am I Running "It's Not About You"?

It's part of Hack Miramar to be open source, transparent and inclusive - that comes from who it is and the people that make up the community*. To that end I have always thought that we should share the "how" we do things - not thinking for one moment it is better than others, THE way or even the best way, but most certainly "a" way. I also have an experience in being parts of a few tech communities over the years, from agile, e-government, barcamps, open data, tech meetups and even the odd hackfest now-and-again. I've seen a trend in all of them. So how to share my thoughts alongside Hack Miramar's experience? Five ways: An open manual  (most definitely a WIP) A series of workshops A video An online course A book BUT why, what is the desired outcome from all of these things? Some background ... An attribute of all "movements" is that they are, initially, personality driven - there is a leader that stands up and proclaims a better