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Content: An illustrated history by Sheldrake & Karoshikula

Content: An illustrated history by Sheldrake & Karoshikula is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Google Chrome Tabs - Cool Drag-And-Drop

We all know this by now ... surely? With Google Chrome you can "un-pin" a tab from it's brethern and have it as it's own browser window - simply drag it away from the others. To join separate Chrome windows back together as one window with multiple tabs do the opposite, drag the tab to join the others. Ok, maybe I didn't explain that very well. Either read the help or simply watch this:

Email Signatures Are NOT Advertising Hoardings

I understand that THE number one development request for GMail was the ability to have rich formatted signatures. Whilst I get that people want to have a little more than simple text there should be no requirement to fill it out with pointless logos, stupid figgin' colours and annoying "If you got this by mistake ..."! BTW: URL's within GMail signatures are, if prefixed by http://, turned into clickable links by most email clients. However, if your intention is to use your signature as advertising space for your company, please think again. Imagine how tedious it would be if you had to sign every physical letter with more than just your name and basic contact details! Just because it can be done automatically doesn't mean you should. Here's an example of an over the top email signature I recently received. The actual email contained 3 lines from the sender but the whole email displayed was 4 times longer because of this monstrosity: --------------------------