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Working From Home Number 2: Don't Be Scared

Further to my guide to working from home and the 3 lessons therein, let's take #2, "Don't be scared" in a bit more detail and provide 3 tips that have helped me through working at home. So, the personal one, the one that no-one gets to see as it's deep inside each and everyone of us. There's much that will try and scare us whilst working from home, the lack of feedback, the increase in the need for our own decision making, not being able to concentrate, distractions from every corner of the house meaning we don't think we're delivering, and of course the rise of impostor syndrome Oh and I'm sure the above list is completely different to yours, what makes some people scared doesn't even enter the worldview of others, and vice versa. Perhaps you may feel that you won't be able to do the job to the quality you believe is required, you might have a freak out at the tech needs, you may see this as a creeping of the workplace into you

[Updated] 3 Lessons From 10+ Years Of Working From Home (WFH)

[Updates: there are an increasing number of excellent "working from home" articles and I'm linking to them at the bottom of this post] It's true to say that those in the tech industry are generally more setup, comfortable, and prepared for "working from home", heck I've been running my work life "remotely" since 2006 . Aren't we all very lucky and slightly smug. With that in mind, what about EVERYONE ELSE, the vast majority of people that use a computer that has been given to them, see it as just a tool to use, and is certainly a bit "dark magic" that spits out error messages, saves treasured words somewhere, and is most definitely in the domain of the "IT Department". This article is aimed at those people. That might even be you dear reader. These are my distilled / found guide to working from home which I have split up into 3 distinct lessons: Reduce the tech hurdles Don't be scared It's still just