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We Have All Been Let Down By Those That Know Better

The Internet was designed peer-to-peer BUT it doesn't run like that for the vast majority of people (we are clients logging onto servers). I so wish it did run in a true peer-to-peer manner and we all had had the support, focus and software from the complete computer industry to make that happen. We didn't (thank you Microsoft) and are unlikely to in the forseeable future. What I mean by "support, focus and software" is that the IT industry had spent time allowing my wife to run her own infrastructure that would, as she wanted, connect out to her mates infrastructure. Of course, with the design genius of, say Apple, the technical expertise of Microsoft and software from local suppliers this could've generated a world where the word "infrastructure" isn't needed. Peer-to-peer has never taken off because the focus has remained with the techies. It was never focussed on my wife but on geek dreams. Facebook is MASSIVE because it focuses on my wife. Apple