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2008 Web Predictions

Richard (and his fellow editors) over at ReadWriteWeb have popped up their predictions for the Web and I have added mine in the comments - here they are: Online persona/identity will become key to those wanting to grow (Google, Facebook and everyone else) - we will all worry and blog about what it means for the future of the world. Nothing will change. Companies/organisations/agencies IT Departments will struggle with "Enterprise 2.0" infiltrating in as the young 'uns "just do it". The USA Election will change the way politics in that country is fought with the Internet (Web) becoming the primary battle ground. The fall out from this will be substantial and I suspect YouTube/Google will do very well out of it. Mobile web. The battle ground isn't on the "PC" and this will truly become apparent towards the 2nd half of 2008 as more countries implement the ability and make it cost effective for you & I to dump the "PC" and carry

Watch out Xero, here comes Google

Of course, saying that Google would, could or should enter the sparse online accounting app arena is mere speculation on the part of Read/Write Web columnist but I have to say they make a good case. It's either online accounting OR boosting their health stuff ... that's my prediction. And if it is accounting then Xero is either sitting on the money (!) or they're about to welcome a very smart, determined and integrated player into their sandpit. Oh, one more prediction - I suspect Google is focusing on completely ripping the heart out of Microsoft's expensive and v average Sharepoint ("intranet"/CMS/"portal") offering sometime around mid-2008.

Friday - Agile Barcamp

Thursday finished very late (early Friday in fact) and I was finally asleep around 2am. 6am and the alarm had already gone for me to shower and get a bus into town. 7am I was in a CBD cafe drinking loads of coffee whilst eating a hearty breakfast. And why? For the Wellington Agile Barcamp of course ( agile definition ). After 3 months of planning and organising, Sandy, Brian, Mark, Thomas and I finally got to see if the event would be as successful as we'd hoped. It was a big success. The day ran smoothly, the rooms were all full and there was even a healthy contingent at the bar after drinking up the small tab. There were people from Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. We had agile evangelists and those that had heard the word but knew nothing else. There were presentations about the good, the bad and the ugly of agile. People covered the history and future of agile, the fine details of using agile (in all it's forms) and there were presentations that challenged the status

5 articles about keeping your identity ("persona") safe

Seems to be the day of "user identity theft" with the following 4 articles (plus mine from a week or so ago) popping into the feeder. With the news that Facebooks "Beacon" program being amended due to privacy concerns ( Google News: facebook beacon ) the whole subject of "online identify" will, I predict, become the dominant conversation during 2008, especially as Google and the like push further into the enterprise with a "life online" delivery of services. Colin Jackson: On the Internet no-one knows you’re a dog Colin the voice of IT-ness on National Radio's Nine To Noon and a few days ago he turned his attention to thorny issue of ID verification, the government and what it means to you and me. ... It’s really getting at the notion that we are anonymous on the Net and that people can’t tell much about you from a screen name or email address. Q: Is that true? A: No, not really. Clever or well-resourced people can tell a lot about you by

Blogs in Plain English

[Updated] Social Networking in Plain English added to the set Further to the excellent RSS, Wikis and Social Bookmarking in Plain English those wonderful people at Common Craft have released their 3 minute video ' Blogs in Plain English ' If you want to what a 'blog' is then click the play and learn