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Let's Talk About Your Use Of Facebook Government

Facebook and its morals as set by Mark Zuckerberg are well know, long standing , publicly available , and discussed the world over . It is a company focused on the almighty dollar and attaining that by selling as much personal information it can get it hands upon via its users (and even those that aren't ) to ... anyone. Facebook reported bringing in US$18,687,000,000 (18.68 billion) for the second quarter (3 months) of 2020. Its not the money he makes (well, not for this article) that is my biggest issue, its the fact he just don't care who he gets the money from. Coca Cola sure, MTV absolutely, Stuff not anymore , Trump lying campaign but of course, New Zealand government agencies bring it on, QAnon groups why not, Wellington City Council hell yeah, 5G Conspiracy people be rude not to. They make their money by promising to pass on the messages peoples give them to the people they want to read it - everyone in a country, the teenagers with potential for depression and looking