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The Best Support Is To Become a Customer

The phrase, "The Best Support Is To Become a Customer:, has been for a long time popping out of my mouth, and yet there are many that dispute my stance, especially with the, "This is just another failed "Buy Kiwi" type of approach". I understand that point of view, I really do. There is absolutely no reason to support companies that charge more on the basis that they are merely headquartered in New Zealand (or wherever your home city, region, or country is). Slapping a "100% Kiwi Made|Owned" label on something, ramping up the prices, and then selling goods or services that are ostensibly delivered from overseas suppliers seems to be me the height of false advertising and is only designed to more money into the owners pockets. I also don't think the phrase, "The Best Support Is To Become a Customer", can be any sort of sweeping statement applied in all circumstances - if you are looking at two competing products and services then you

It's Never A Big Week At The Office When You Work With Great People

A week of Techweek TV from Auckland to Christchurch and then a 24 hour hackathon for ActInSpace had me running all over the country. And boy it was a LOT of fun. Of course, it was a lot to do, a lot of tired evenings, and a little bit of stress but generally - fun fun fun. And what made it fun was the people. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata! The people, the people, the people! A shoutout is required - Raj, my Access Granted co-founder, awesome guy, and all round oil on water. Together with Jono we made a glorious travelling TV crew :) And with Techweek's Courteney wrangling the guests and making Techweek TV all happen in the background WE DID IT! As soon as we had finished Friday's Techweek TV I rushed off to ActInSpace , the New Zealand wing of the inaugural international series of events, for which I was the Event Producer. What does that mean really when you have a team of people such as Kelsi, Christel, Emma, Kim, and many others on the day/night - aweso

Join Us Live On #twnz18 Techweek TV

Over on our podcast, Access Granted NZ , we are joining up with the fine folks at Techweek and streaming live on Facebook at all the headline events around the country. We'll be live between 12pm-2pm talking with speakers, exhibitors, and YOU!