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I Just Paid $10 To Use Ubuntu - Now You Should Even If You Use Windows/Mac

I love Ubuntu , you know that by now ... it's easy to use, stable (especially with 10.10) and responsive. And, let's not beat about the bush, it's free ... to download and use $0 is what I've paid for it. And so, giving $10 directly to help one of the developers is the very least I can do ... so I have. If you want to help someone out then may I suggest you do the same This from OMG! Ubuntu: Please help support Amber and Pete Graner after some devastating news Last week while Amber and Pete Graner were attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida, they received some very bad news. Lightning had struck their home and it had caught fire, burning to the ground. Luckily, no one was injured – their family and their pets are fine, but their house is now gone. I met and hung out with Amber last May when we were both at UDS-M in Belgium planning the Maverick Meerkat release. Amber is an awesome long standing contributor to Ubuntu, with significant contributions to