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Foo Camp is merely 3 days away

[Updated] FooCamp (also known as 'Kiwi Foo' and 'Baaa Camp') is hosting Kim Hill's Saturday morning National Radio show - so listen in and you'll definitely hear the "organised chaos" but maybe me.

Starting to get the camping equipment ready for my first Foo Camp (Kiwi Foo/Baa camp) being held oop north on Friday/Saturday. Also getting my head around what I'd like to present/generate conversation around, namely:
  • NZ Web Community - just how much of a closed shop/small world is it?
  • Barcamps - stories from the trenches and what people think the direction could be
I'm also keen as mustard to be involved in any talk about TheFreeNet Aotearoa and how Miramar and Wellington could move towards being an exemplar "online community" - exciting times ahead ...

AAAAANND, really looking forward to meeting old friends and colleagues, making new acquaintances and having loads of fun in the sun and after dark (Werewolf will be played!)