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3 parts to Clear Communication - Available, Timely and Relevant

It's been a long time coming but here it is folks. And before I start, a wee reminder that collaboration comprises 3 pillars : Good information Clear communication Active connections In this post I will delve further into the what I mean by 'clear communication', namely that communication  MUST * be: Available Timely Relevant As with 'good information' (and the more slippery 'active connections') it's no good having 2 out of 3 (this isn't a Meat Loaf song) and if a communication piece doesn't meet all three then it's probably worthless to the person receiving that communication. For instance, don’t tell me about a past meeting that I should have been at (available and relevant but not timely). The most common failing within communication is not making it relevant - hence the perceived information overload, we are inundated with irrelevant information being communicated to us. It's worth pointing out that Communication

Shared Note Taking - Webstock 2013

[Updated] 2014 shared note taking site is here: The 2013 Webstock is promising to be a very special one as they come to the end of an era - BUY YOUR TICKET NOW ! And lookey here, I've got us all prepared for the 2-day conference and sharing our notes, yay! Question : Is the shared note taking just for the 2-day full conference? Answer : Yes My reasoning: the practical "how to" workshops are the product of many hours preparation for which the attendees have paid hard earned money in order for Webstock to recompense the facilitators and I do not believe sharing full and comprehensive notes for such workshops is fair. Ah, but that's just the same for the presentations which are given during the conference .. yeah, but nah. The presentations are normally more "inspirational" / "generic" and, to be honest, to get the most out of them you HAVE to be there and the notes aren'

Collaboration - How I Define It

Collaboration , literally, consists of working together with one or more other people. All parties work together and build consensus to reach a decision or create a product, the result of which benefits all parties. Competition is a nearly-insurmountable roadblock to collaboration, and the relationship among parties must continue beyond the accomplishment of the task in order to assure its viability. The goal is dynamic. Why bother doing collaboration? There are times when it is inappropriate so firstly be aware of the differences between the 3 C's (collaboration, consultation and communication) . Once easy method of deciding is to ask yourself if you want to: Achieve collective results that the participants would be incapable of accomplishing working alone If so, collaboration is the way to go. What do you need around you for good collaboration? Base collaboration comprises 3 pillars: Good information Clear communication Shared objectives; Active connections Sense of bel

IT Events Are So Boring - 10 Attributes To Look For When You Get That Invite

Back in the day of WaveAdept the team had all finally had enough of boring ass IT events and drew up the following lists to help you decide whether the next invite you get is worth going to or, as is more likely, gonna bore the pants off you and end up with your email address being spammed until hell freezes over. If it's got any of the following then the event is likely to be all, "wah, wah, wah, give us your business card, wah wah ..." You have the opportunity to get a free introductory drink There will be a NZ b-celebrity with a shoe-horned connection delivering the key note presentation Breakfast It's in a hotel The event is proudly co-hosted by ... yet another IT company All your IT colleagues have received the same invite and you just know it will be full of IT people you meet every time You will get to takeaways leaflets, watch slides and listen to "industry experts" but NOT use the software itself The invite excitedly tells you there will b