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Is The Cloud A Lonely Place?

What struck me straight between the eyes when I saw Xero's "What is cloud computing?" explanatory diagram is just how lonely the cloud could seem: Look at all those old fashioned, drab ways involving other people vs the modern, new and very much in colour way using the awesome cloud :-) Do I really believe the cloud is a lonely place - no. I daily experience how the cloud allows me to connect to many more. However, I do think that an over reliance on placing a computer between us (me) and the "many more" can, at times, lead to feeling lonely in a crowd. Let's be honest, the best way to connect is face-to-face in the same physical space. Next is face-to-face using video followed by a voice call (heck, pick up the phone). Of course if you're already connected and have a strong relationship you will pick and chose the most relevant, there's nothing wrong with txt'ing, "On my way". If, however, this is a new connection then pl