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Hack Miramar At The OS/OS Conference

On April 16th & 17th here in Wellington the fine folks from Github, Enspiral, Loomio and Chackle have brought together a worldclass set of international, New Zealand and local speakers on the subject of Open Source Open Society . I will be facilitating a taster workshop for the July GovHackNZ event - think of it has "hackathon 101" with an actual hackathon run in 45 minutes - you'll have to see it to believe it. With so many brains discussing, challenging and teasing out what it means to be an open society there is likely to be a plethora of practicable ideas emerge. These ideas and, hopefully the people behind them, can focus their energies into becomming a team at the GovHackNZ event (either here in Wellington or at any of the NZ-wide location s closer to their home). We look at the GovHackNZ event as the "do-y" to the OS/OS "hui". So, get your tickets to the OS/OS conference ... When: Thursday 18th & Friday 17th April, 2015 Wh