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3 Reasons To Go To The NZ SharePoint Conference PLUS The Agenda For Your iPhone/PDA/Outlook

[Updated] There is also a Twitter a/c to follow, @NZSharePoint , AND the Slideshare event (sign-up required, sorry). All with official hashtags of #NZSPC #SharePoint The two days are a must for anyone currently using SharePoint, thinking of moving to SharePoint or considering SharePoint and, to be honest, if you're moving your Intranet/collaboration environment into something useful and a "doing place" you will be in one of those camps. Thursday 2nd / Friday 3rd July Register ($500/person - 20% for parties of 5+) Venue: Duxton Hotel , 170 Wakefield Street, Wellington 6110, New Zealand And now the three reasons! 1: Two days of fantastic local and international speakers for only $NZ500 Really, there are some amazing speakers for you and, like Webstock, I am amazed how New Zealand manages to draw such talent to us - we must be so cool. 2: Your SharePoint peers from around New Zealand will be there The best conferences happen in the

Being The First Is A Lonely Position

It takes courage, tenacity, a self belief when others are giving you a hard time but when it works all of a sudden those on the outside become the lonely ones. To those that we regularly drink with that are working in Wellington/NZ-based startups we'd like to say, "The dancers are coming!" Thanks to Zoli at CloudAve for the video

How To Run A Birthday Party AND A Business

One of the well known analogies used by Dave Snowden to how knowledge management works well within companies/organisations/communities is the "Child's Birthday Party". He recommends They did not respect or sit still for the devotional sacrifice as the 'definitive' reworking of that analogy ( original here in a PDF ). In a nutshell: ... we have a birthday party strategy. The goal is for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time. We have specific and measurable objectives we want to accomplish. We have identified the key milestones from now until the party. We have a timeline to follow, including a tabletop exercise. We are assuming a three-hour operational phase followed by a two-hour recovery. That evening, we will conduct a hot wash to identify any lessons learned to build into next year’s birthday party planning. ... Socrates: It did not go well? Glaucon: Let me count the ways. It rained for most of the day. More children and parents attended than we planned

Bailing Out Your Business with Open Source

A great slide deck I've just stumbled over looking for something completely unrelated which answers all (well, OK, some) of the questions non-Open Source fanboys typically ask. (as an aside, Slideshare made this sooo easy to post - one click, an authorisation as it was my first time and type this in without once having to go over to Blogger, very me/user-centric) Bailing Out Your Business with Open Source View more Keynote presentations from mjasay .

Plain English - Write A Letter Of Support + Nominate For The Awards

Speaking and writing "plain English" is such a fundamental to open information that the idea of having to promote it seems plain weird! But heh, not all policy analysts, business analysts or internal communication advisers agree with me and the desire o use 20 business wanky words when 1 or 2 plain English words will do seems insatiable. Not that I am advocating the dumbing down on English, if there is a word that fits, use it and then people can use Google ("other search engines are available") to find out what it means - always good to be educated. But, we obviously do need to advocate for plain English as tweet examples/outbursts from my immediate circle constantly highlight :-) And advocating has never been so easy - write a letter/email and nominate best use of English - voila, done, sorted, in the bag :-) 1: Write A Letter In Support of Plain English Power This from Rachel of Plain English Power : Update on our lobbying efforts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -