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The 3 C’s – Communication, Consultation and Collaboration

[this is an old WaveAdept post archived here] You've got the technology (be it Google Apps, SharePoint or whatever) and your IT people have integrated it, patched it, set you up and handed it over... now what? Well, for a start, sit back and congratulate yourself that your organisation is: Saving costs (NZ$2 million per year for NZ Post with their Google Apps roll-out, and they've just started) Freed up your IT staff to concentrate on your company's particular 'secret sauce' No longer have to wait to benefit from the latest features Instantly given access 'anywhere, any time and (almost) any device' Really, celebrate that you have switched from old to new. But once the party is over you're going to have to get back to work getting the true benefits from your new toolset. And before you dive into the full on, "let's all collaborate, be open with everything and change the world" maybe planning out some interim steps to world domination

Stop Collaborating Like it's 1999 [Video]

Yes it's a sales pitch from Google and my company, Cloud Sherpas , but it has a lot of interesting nuggets inside that can be applied to any collaboration tools. BUT, let's not beat about the bush - this is foremost an excellent overview of collaboration using Google Apps.   Oh, and there's nothing I can do about the accents ... well, maybe a localised version sometime soon eh!