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It's NOT Been A Tough Year

2020 has been a lot of things here in Aotearoa New Zealand, challenging, uplifting, scary, hopeful, anxiety ridden, friend-full, lonely, laughter driven, tear soaked - you can add many more I'm sure. What I've found though is that it's not been that tough. Maybe life had prepared me for the COVID driven, Trump madness, Brexit riddled, election prone, wage challenged time I have had. Back in 2016 life took a turn for the ... well, life took a turn, and a lot changed. I've had to rebuild a lot of what I'm about, who I truly am, and face a lot of demons and soothe the anger through hard bloody work. With the past help of the GP, counselling, and ongoing exercise, and friends, + family love over the years I've gained a lot of insight for things that work for me, tips and techniques to cope with the travails of the universe, and experience in how to reach out , how to care for others . I know when it's good to hunker down to work and when it's best to let the