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This Lockdown DOES Feel Different

When Aotearoa New Zealand went into Level 4 lockdown for the first time ( March 25th 2020 to April 27th 2020 ) they were "unprecedented times", now, it doesn't feel like that eh. The nation was locking down just as many parts of the world took a similar drastic approach, AoNZ wasn't alone as the world rushed to survive. As people it was so unusual and novel that we had no reference frame helping us 'how to be', so we did as we were told and knuckled down to a life inside. We invented things to keep us going deep inside our newly invented bubble concepts, we learnt new information in engaging ways, we 'fell in love' with those that were guiding us, and it was an adventure. Like all new adventures it was easier for some than others. There were deaths, hardships, and long term issues I suspect we won't recognise let alone deal with for a number of years. But most of all, it was all so so different from anything we had ever encountered. And, it work

Avoid The Safe Pair Of Hands

I hosted an inter-agency event a few years ago and to kick it off I asked the 50 or so attendees to just go wild with ideas, pop down every dream they've ever had about working inside government no matter how small, how big, how "crazy", how "mundane". Yeah, I know, a bit like telling people to get creative!! "Und now, you vill be creative!!" The intention was to get it out, know that you're not alone in your thinking, everyone has something they dream about. And to dream is to hope is to plan is to focus is to do. Here's just a hint at what some people deep inside government, the boring bureaucrats, the upright civil servants, the people like you and me dream about. I like a few of these dreams from government workers, I especially like, "Avoid the safe pair of hands", and "Try more stuff?". I also think free WiFi at police stations should happen!