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Shared Note Taking - Webstock 2013

[Updated] 2014 shared note taking site is here:

The 2013 Webstock is promising to be a very special one as they come to the end of an era - BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!

And lookey here, I've got us all prepared for the 2-day conference and sharing our notes, yay!

Question: Is the shared note taking just for the 2-day full conference?
Answer: Yes

My reasoning: the practical "how to" workshops are the product of many hours preparation for which the attendees have paid hard earned money in order for Webstock to recompense the facilitators and I do not believe sharing full and comprehensive notes for such workshops is fair. Ah, but that's just the same for the presentations which are given during the conference .. yeah, but nah. The presentations are normally more "inspirational" / "generic" and, to be honest, to get the most out of them you HAVE to be there and the notes aren't gonna give you more than a hint at the true content - remember, these are notes taken by attendees and meant for those at the conference.

Look, it's a grey line and I've asked the Webstock dudes if they're Ok with it and the answer is YES!

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