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IT Events Are So Boring - 10 Attributes To Look For When You Get That Invite

Back in the day of WaveAdept the team had all finally had enough of boring ass IT events and drew up the following lists to help you decide whether the next invite you get is worth going to or, as is more likely, gonna bore the pants off you and end up with your email address being spammed until hell freezes over.

If it's got any of the following then the event is likely to be all, "wah, wah, wah, give us your business card, wah wah ..."
  1. You have the opportunity to get a free introductory drink
  2. There will be a NZ b-celebrity with a shoe-horned connection delivering the key note presentation
  3. Breakfast
  4. It's in a hotel
  5. The event is proudly co-hosted by ... yet another IT company
  6. All your IT colleagues have received the same invite and you just know it will be full of IT people you meet every time
  7. You will get to takeaways leaflets, watch slides and listen to "industry experts" but NOT use the software itself
  8. The invite excitedly tells you there will be "an opportunity to network after the Q&A session"
  9. You are expected to sit in rows
  10. You know the answers and you're only going for the free drink