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Friday - Agile Barcamp

Thursday finished very late (early Friday in fact) and I was finally asleep around 2am. 6am and the alarm had already gone for me to shower and get a bus into town. 7am I was in a CBD cafe drinking loads of coffee whilst eating a hearty breakfast.

Agile Barcamp (Friday 7th December, 2007

And why? For the Wellington Agile Barcamp of course (agile definition).
After 3 months of planning and organising, Sandy, Brian, Mark, Thomas and I finally got to see if the event would be as successful as we'd hoped.

It was a big success.

Flickr: Mike's welcomeThe day ran smoothly, the rooms were all full and there was even a healthy contingent at the bar after drinking up the small tab. There were people from Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. We had agile evangelists and those that had heard the word but knew nothing else. There were presentations about the good, the bad and the ugly of agile. People covered the history and future of agile, the fine details of using agile (in all it's forms) and there were presentations that challenged the status quo of agile. There was something for everyone.

Whilst the subject ("agile") isn't something I feel passionately about and therefore I wasn't involved in a lot of the sessions I did manage to dive in during Eduard's excellent '7 Habits of a Highly Effective Projects' and thoroughly enjoyed Mark's 'Agile Contract' presentation (should've been earlier in the day).

Blog's (I know about) with details:
Photo's of the day
Any electronic presentations will, I hope, get linked off the Agile Barcamp Wiki
Don't forget everyone, tag your content barcampAgileWellington

As for the future of Barcamps within Wellington - they are now becoming a part of the IT/business scene. And my part within them, watch this space - Brenda W and I are conjruing up something special for the geeks/toy-lovers for mid-March ... if it goes the way I'd like then it will be something quite awesome.