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It's Never A Big Week At The Office When You Work With Great People

A week of Techweek TV from Auckland to Christchurch and then a 24 hour hackathon for ActInSpace had me running all over the country.

And boy it was a LOT of fun. Of course, it was a lot to do, a lot of tired evenings, and a little bit of stress but generally - fun fun fun.

And what made it fun was the people.
He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata!
The people, the people, the people!

A shoutout is required - Raj, my Access Granted co-founder, awesome guy, and all round oil on water. Together with Jono we made a glorious travelling TV crew :) And with Techweek's Courteney wrangling the guests and making Techweek TV all happen in the background WE DID IT!

As soon as we had finished Friday's Techweek TV I rushed off to ActInSpace, the New Zealand wing of the inaugural international series of events, for which I was the Event Producer. What does that mean really when you have a team of people such as Kelsi, Christel, Emma, Kim, and many others on the day/night - awesome each and everyone one of them.

It's making things with people that are passionate about what they do, working around issues without dramas, and having fun on the way - it's what it's all about.

I'd love to work with you.