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Is The Cloud A Lonely Place?

What struck me straight between the eyes when I saw Xero's "What is cloud computing?" explanatory diagram is just how lonely the cloud could seem:
Look at all those old fashioned, drab ways involving other people vs the modern, new and very much in colour way using the awesome cloud :-)

Do I really believe the cloud is a lonely place - no.
I daily experience how the cloud allows me to connect to many more.

However, I do think that an over reliance on placing a computer between us (me) and the "many more" can, at times, lead to feeling lonely in a crowd.

Let's be honest, the best way to connect is face-to-face in the same physical space.
Next is face-to-face using video followed by a voice call (heck, pick up the phone).

Of course if you're already connected and have a strong relationship you will pick and chose the most relevant, there's nothing wrong with txt'ing, "On my way". If, however, this is a new connection then please, pick up the phone and let them hear the urgency / frustration in your voice as you explain that you are, "Finally, on my way and not before time with this bloody traffic".

Computers, they're just a phase we're going through and a tool we use.

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  1. Great thoughts as always Mike! Agree with the electronic barrier to healthy communication. And I now have a new quote in my collection:

    "Computers, they're just a phase we're going through"
    Mike Riversdale

  2. Thanks for that Alex.

    It's funny, I've been using that phrase (more in jest than anything) for so many years I can't remember. But, with such things as Google Glass and the stuff Apple are working on - heck, even with the touch screen we all now expect on our mobile devices, computers are starting to fade back.

    Yay, this phase of them being in our phase is going away and they are becoming like electricity, just works (for us!) and no-one needs to care how they do their things.

  3. Hi Mike. I'd posted yesterday about Xero's infographic on my new blog. But after seeing your great post here, I went back and edited it and added a link here. I didn't notice this in the infographic. But now that you've pointed it out, it really does stand out a country mile.

    Thanks for the unique perspective! I've certainly been guilty of hiding behind a computer for too long, and now coming to realise that there is a whole 'Real" world out there too :)


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