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3 Reasons To Go To The NZ SharePoint Conference PLUS The Agenda For Your iPhone/PDA/Outlook

[Updated] There is also a Twitter a/c to follow, @NZSharePoint, AND the Slideshare event (sign-up required, sorry). All with official hashtags of #NZSPC #SharePoint

The two days are a must for anyone currently using SharePoint, thinking of moving to SharePoint or considering SharePoint and, to be honest, if you're moving your Intranet/collaboration environment into something useful and a "doing place" you will be in one of those camps.
And now the three reasons!

1: Two days of fantastic local and international speakers for only $NZ500
Really, there are some amazing speakers for you and, like Webstock, I am amazed how New Zealand manages to draw such talent to us - we must be so cool.

2: Your SharePoint peers from around New Zealand will be there
The best conferences happen in the corridors between the sessions. With all those people rubbing shoulders at tables, at the lunch tables and walking between the sessions it is almost impossible not to make a new contact that has the answer to your particular SharePoint angst.

And if you see me and want to talk just walk up and say hi!

3: I intend to stir up the crowd during my Friday 3rd, 1pm-2pm, "Bringing In The Cloud" talk
I can say no more except I intend to bring a little bit of "barcamp" to the proceedings.

Which is causing the organisers angst as I delay sending them the preso ;-)

* Here's the details around your awesome organisers amended from the official conference site:

The New Zealand Community SharePoint Conference is organised by three SharePoint MVPs from the New Zealand SharePoint Community. The trio of hard workers participate and support the community through organising and sharing their knowledge at user group events