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I'm Not All Here

It struck me that a lot of you will be reading this via the RSS feed and therefore won't be getting the most out of the blog. Don't get me wrong the real guts of me, the real value, the real stuff is mostly* held in the blog posts but there is a stream of valuable and very pertinent information that you RSS readers may not be getting, namely ...

Shared Google Reader articles (link | feed)
It's rare that I actually post an article about an article unless it is so good that I am blown away (eg "saving time on your intranet is a bad metric" - YES!!! ) or that it encapsulates exactly what I was thinking (eg, It's Not A Blog If You Don't Have Comments)

So how do I share the great reads that pop up in my reader (about 3-4/day) - by popping on a special "enterprise20_share" tag and letting you all see them:

@miramarmike tweets (from Twitter :-)
The best "up-to-date" information I receive is via Twitter, from the Official Google Twitter accounts to many fellow "cloud computing" and "collaboration" experts around the world - here's who I follow, help yourself.

Twitter is, of course, the ultimate in backchat at conferences and I used it almost exclusively to make notes to myself at last weeks Webstock :-)

FriendFeed (miramarmike)
But there's much more out there and I scratch that surface at FriendFeed by seeing what a few (and it has to be a few, overload may not be new but it is a pain) are commenting upon. It's also a place to get the full me - all my feeds, all my photos, all trips, all my talks ... too much, possibly but you can filter what you don't want to see.


But remember, YOU decide how much and from where you get your daily dose of - don't let it overwhelm you :-)

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