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MoH COVID Tracing App Does NOT Tell Others Where You've Been

But how, if they the Ministry Of Health contact tracing app doesn't tell the government where you've been, can they alert you that you need to get tested because you've been somewhere that someone who has tested positive has been?

This is how ...

  1. I visit Venue
  2. I QR / manually check in using my phone app
  3. My phone app stores 'Venue' and 'Date' visit on my phone
  4. ... life goes on ...
  5. DHB discovers COVID issue at Venue on Date, tells Ministry of Health
  6. Ministry of Health tells central app peeps, "There is a COVID Issue at Venue + Date"
  7. Central app peeps send alert to ALL phones with app installed, "COVID Issue at Venue + Date"
  8. My phone app (like all phones with the app installed) receives the alert
  9. My phone app checks my phone Venue and Date against the alert Venue + Date
  10. If my phone app finds a match it alerts me
As you can see, for contact alerting, there is nothing being sent off my phone.

When Android and iOS Bluetooth functionality is incorporated the process is a little different but again, no location / date data is ever sent up to a central place.

You are NOT being tracked.
Not with the Aotearoa NZ government COVID app least ways.
Nor with the Rippl app which is arguably even more privacy conscious.