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Fronde's Friday 5's: Here's A Weird One For You

Back in the day I worked at Fronde and I was also a very early user of Google Calendar which I found a lot easier to get access outside of the corporate network (these were days, hopefully, in the dim and distant past for Fronde employees now ... and for you?)

Fronde had (and may still, who knows) on the last Friday of each month, drinks and a chance to let the hair down - you know, the standard IT company stuff. These were called "Friday 5's"

A standing calendar invite was in everyone's calendars which I promptly included on my personal Google calendar by inviting myself.

All of this was many many years ago ... hang on [checks LinkedIn] ... I left Fronde in May 2008 so it's coming up for 10 years ago.

And yet, in my personal Google Calendar there is the ghost of the invite.
But the ghost can only be seen when I view my personal calendar via my work one (I've shared them across, saves me jumping in and out of accounts). Here it is:

And yet, check the calendar from my personal account ... nary a "Fronde 5" to be seen.
I've checked every setting you can ... but nothing. Except if you show the calendar in another account as above ... ghostly eh!

It's coming up for it's ghostly 10 yer anniversary ... maybe I should pop along.
Anyone at Fronde able to tell me if they still happen?