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3 Steps To Connecting With Me On LinkedIn

I love that you want to "Connect with me on LinkedIn" but there needs to be a bit more for me to accept.

1) Tell me why

Simply asking to connect ain't enough - let me know why, is it for a particular job, because of my background, due to something of mine you read, looking to connect with someone I know or because you're playing the numbers game (don't use the last one).

Giving me a reason is the simplest and easiest way for me to even bother opening up your connection request - for a start, it means LinkedIn makes it a little more prominent amongst the hundreds of notifications that are languishing there.

2) Give me a hint at how I might know you

Have I already met you (I apologise, I can be quite shocking with names + faces), were we at the same event, did I do some work with you previously, am I in the same LinkedIn Group ... give me a clue.

You don't need to be a close personal friend, or even to have met me in real life, but some sort of pre-existing connection is best and helps me pin you down in my ever increasing bad memory.

3) Follow-up

It doesn't have to be flowers and a dinner date, just something to say, "Hey, thanks for the connection how about [fill in something useful to us both]".

If you want to pick my brains I am more than happy to spend an hour with you, but I will ask you donate a mere $25 to a worthy cause, I'm sure you'll understand.

And if #3 isn't forth coming then culling will occur

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