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2 'Hack Miramar' 2015 Events For Your Calendar

Along with this Saturday's Hour Of Code event, which is part of the world's largest education event, that Hack Miramar and +Wellington Makerspace are holding at +Scots College you should also pop the following into the calendars:

1: Hack Miramar, "Community Engagement"

  • Saturday March 7th - Sunday March 8th, 2015
  • Venue: Miramar
  • Civic hackathon around "Community Engagement" 
This event will follow the framework of November's "Transport" event.

What to do:
  1. Add to your calendar
  2. Get onto the Hack Miramar email list

    2: #HackWLG (part of #GovHackNZ 2015)

    • Friday July 3rd to Sunday July 5th, 2015
    • Venue: tbc
    This is a "Hack Miramar" presents the HackWLG event as part of the wider New Zealand participation of the GovHack series of events from Australian 2015 GovHack.

    What to do:
    1. Add to your calendar
    2. Find out more 
    3. Get onto the GovHack email list
    4. Get onto the Hack Miramar email list for local organisation
    5. Follow @GovHackNZ on Twitter
    We're specifically looking for a venue that will hold around 200-250 people AND sponsors!
    Get in touch, / 021-169 1359 to help out.