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3 Uses Of "The Cloud" For Senior Contractors

I've just left The Johnson Group ("public sector recruitment specialists") after delivering a quick fire, "This is the cloud" and "These are some tools based on the 'cloud', your mobile and your browser' that you, as a contractor working in Government can use".

The 3 uses and toools to support those uses are:
  1. Note taking
  2. Writing
  3. Reference / Research
The highlight for many was +IFTTT ... I am so happy about that!

As is typical with my presentations they are graphic heavy but at least this has the Google Play Store, iTunes, Windows phone and Chrome Web Store links to the tools I spoke about - enjoy.

My thanks to those that attended, engaged, asked questions and of course to Claudia and Heather for inviting me.
I leave with some thoughts from the discussion before and after:
  • There were around 25 senior Government consultants in the room
  • Majority of questions were about security
  • Hardly anyone used any of the services mentioned - wow
  • Everyone bar one owned an iPhone / Android device
  • "Is using Skype safe or is the NSA listening to me?"
  • Being able to use an installed app AND get in via a browser was a revelation to many
  • I knew more people than I thought I ever would
  • Government people and thus the government are, unfortunately, being left behind
    (massive broad brush I know ... but ... )