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No, I Don't Want To Change!

"Using the Google solution meant we would lose our strategic investment in a Microsoft infrastructure." - Alison Ross, Head of Service Support, Trader Media Group

This comment is quite remarkable - no, I won't change even if it serves the business better because I (the IT person) have paid for hardware and insist on using it - "Don't you try and make me look bad now!"

How about this:
"Features are added continuously, and in our organisation we prefer to control our releases. I wasn’t pleased that new functionality could pop up tomorrow, and our helpdesk wouldn’t be prepared to help with problems. That would compromise the high level of service we give our internal customers." - Alison Ross, Head of Service Support, Trader Media Group

Turn on Scheduled Release, it is that simple: (note the blog post date, is this an old comment and Microsoft are leaving it up for nefarious reasons?) BUT, more importantly, it belies attitude of, "I don't want YOU having access to innovation without MY control" says the IT dude to his own business, wonder how that conversation would go with your organisation?

... MORE on my original Google Plus posting >>

Which brings me to an interesting side point - should I blog here or post on G+ - thoughts?


  1. Horses for courses I think - I check reader a lot more carefully than my G+, as I expect the content I subscribe to via RSS to be more "Journalism" than I would expect from G+ (or twitter/ facebook) for that matter. I probably miss some of your G+ posts
    There is no problem with crossposting from blogger to G+, but if you did it the other way round, I'd very quickly unsubscribe from blogger.


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