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Google Atmosphere 2011 - Live Streaming

The annual Google CIO conference, Atmoshpere 2011, is currently running in Mountain View (US of A):
This annual event unites 350 of the world’s leading CIOs to explore how successful businesses are using the cloud to develop innovative solutions to today’s business challenges. As with previous events, the focus will include thought leadership from noteworthy speakers and lively debates with business leaders, well-known authors and industry experts.

As technology and business leaders, we are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way technology enables people to work together and focus on what’s important. We’ll discuss and debate some of the choices you, as leaders in your organizations, are faced with as a result of these changes. Possibly most important of these are the tools that you provide your users to enable them to work together more seamlessly, and in more ways than ever before.

After a casual reception on Sunday night, we will kick off the main program on Monday by hearing from Amit Singh, Vice President of Google Enterprise. Throughout the day, you will gain insight into how Google’s enterprise products are evolving and our plans for the future, interact with Google’s executive team and have ample networking opportunities with peers.

This is a chance to learn what Google is doing in the enterprise space and make an informed decision about your IT strategy. As the business leaders responsible for these decisions and the innovations you bring to your organization, we hope that you will join us to participate in this forum.

Also check out the Google Enterprise annoucements coming out of the event: