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How To Get Into Another Company's Google Site

And yes, I am specifically talking about Google Sites* that you have been INVITED into ... if you're looking how to hack into a Google Site, good luck!

Imagine the scene, you've been invited by another company into a Google site that is restricted in access (ie, not public). Typically you get an email from the person that shares the site with you containing a link to the site which, once clicked, presents you with the company's customised Google Apps login, such as:

Typical Google Sites login
But hang on, you don't work at this company and therefore you don't have a login ... what's the go?

Look below the employee login and you will see the "Sign in with a different account" link:

Sign in with a different account
Click on the link to get a box to enter YOUR email address to sign in with and access the company Google Site with the rights given (view or collaborate)

Note: if you are already logged in using Google Apps you will not need to enter your password.

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