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What Is It About Webstock I Love?

Over the weekend I put my hand up to a request from @AboutTheStory for their Webstock media scholar to ask some questions of past Webstockers ... I then left it too late to get in the article, typical me.

But here's my thoughts on Webstock with the question, "What is it about Webstock?" for you to answer:
I've been to Webstock twice with 2011 about to be my third go. I've not attended "in a row" with a year fallow in between.

Webstock for me means 2 things, a chance for all those working "with the web" to be in one cool, creative, connecting place in order to understand they're not alone in what they do. Secondly it's a rare chance for Kiwis to hear, chat with and feed off the big international names of the web world.

Both of those surrounded by the immense focus by the Webstock team on creating a unique and always memorable "conference experience" for both attendees & speakers means I will always regret my fallow years and look forward to when I'm going.

Don't forget the public Webstock Google calendar for your  phone, laptop AND the shared note taking!


  1. Sorry you missed the deadline. Hate it when that happens:)

    I think you're bang on about the 'understand they're not alone in what they do' thing. Webstock is very much a meeting-of-the-minds kind of event for me too. I've been to three, and taken a lot of ideas, insights, contacts and new websites and tools and books to check out every time.

    Looking forward to Thursday and Friday.


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