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NZ Moves To Embrace Public Sector Information Re-use And Open Data

Thanks to Julian, a stalwart of the Open Govt Ninja's (become one), I have read Keitha Booth's excellent review of the New Zealand Government's moves to embrace public sector information (PSI) re-use and open data. She has concisely and fully described the "how we got here" and "the NZ environment" pointing to real-life examples of where data openness has lead to increased service for the community.

If you're working within a government agency, check it out to see what your colleagues are doing and how you already have the permission to open up your information and where you can too benefit from ensuring re-use via open data.

Topic Report 15: New Zealand moves to embrace PSI Re-use and Open data
European Public Sector Information Platform Topic Report no. 15 (published 13 August 2010)

Author: Keitha Booth, New Zealand State Services Commission

This report summarises the key features of New Zealand’s information policy environment and then describes the significant progress that has been made towards opening up New Zealand’s non-personal public sector information (PSI) for greater access and re-use.

  • New Zealand moves to embrace PSI Re-use and Open data (pdf) (word)