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#tweet4yourteeYouTube Mission + NZ Google Barcamp

The Tweet 4 Your Tee guys are pretty bloody awesome because not only do they manage to arrange a tweetup for their promo video but they SPONSOR THE NZ GOOGLE BARCAMPS!!

Thank you.

And of course I have my @MiramarMike t-shirt from the Wellington @NZGoogleBarcamp.
Get yours for the Auckland event (Sat 21st Aug) and @Tweet4yourtee donate NZ$10 dollars to the event!

Now, watch the video to see how many local Twitter peeps you can spot (@smrtgirl right at the front there ;-). Then, get over to their online store and buy yourself a T-shirt with your @Twitter name on it.


  1. They are nice T-shirts

  2. THis is a good mission and NZ$10 is not a beag deal.Waiting for 21 aug.


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