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6 Phases A Government Agency Goes Through When Asked To Open Up Their Data

Finally got around to catching up with the Guardian's TechWeekly podcast from 8th June and for those, like myself, that are advocates of "open government" / "open data" (can you have the one without the other?) you should get yourself along to around the 25min mark to hear Tom Watson (UK Labour MP) who:
... was instrumental in helping the previous [UK] Labour government understand the value of opening up its public records, shares his view on the reasons why openness should be valued – and what he had to do to convince his political colleagues

I strongly advice all those 'working;' in this field to listen to his views and approach!

I especially loved his excellent "6 point plan" in regards to the "institutional response to data release":
  1. Denial that the Minister is asking for this stuff
  2. Resistance
  3. Moral Panic when they realise you're serious
    ... after the release ...
  4.  Outrage that this stuff is being given away and it's out there
  5. Period of reflection
  6. Finally there is innovation
    ("this is where success is a thousand fathers and mothers and everyone says it was their idea and what a great initiative it " :-)
Also his ego-less (for a politician) approach to working with the current Government is a pleasure to see - so grown up and a million miles from the school yard antics we get to hear about in the mass media.