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Don't You Work For Them?

There's a little confusion about who I work for which is my error in not communicating with you all the changes I love having around my life.

So, here ya go:
  • WaveAdept is who I work for (cloud computing, Google Apps re-seller).
    I am not the only person working for WaveAdept.

  • MiramarMike is my professional, sole trader existence ("open" advocate)

  • Knowledge Cue (SharePoint gurus) is who I am proud to be an associate of
Anyone else you may have associated with me are either past, present or future clients. WaveAdept is, however, also partnering up with like minded companies so you may catch my name alongside others in the near future.

For a little more on the difference between Mike @ WaveAdept and MiramarMike read my earlier post, Welcome To WaveAdept